Service Policy


 Service pledge

         Downtown sites service for free to installation and trial run

         Warranty period free maintenance,permanent home service.

         All-weather,no rest day,downtown sites service 7 to 11.

         All-day free consulting number:4008851122 8009571085


Foreign warranty

       [1] the warranty terms:

             Repair warranty about the warranty of goods (free), starting from the date of purchase.

             Goods can only be used within the warranty specified in my company warranty services;Please present valid warranty please refer the invoice.

       [2] from the date of purchase in the following period, failure occurred during normal use of the warranty:

             Washing machine warranty for one year; Main components non-public use machine three years free of charge, utility machine free of charge within one year;

             Attachment deals, such as the inlet pipe, a drain, manuals, etc.;

             Warranty users to buy the electrical parts by purchasing a invoice warranty for one year;

             Warranty of electrical components of the user's purchase with purchase invoice warranty for 30 days.

            Note: public machine: refers to factories, schools, units, hospitals, hotels, laundry and other public environment, dedicated to personal consumption products.

       [3]washing machine main parts include:

            Fully  automatic washing machine, computer program controller, clutch components, power switch, inlet valve, drainage electromagnet, motor tractor, safety switch, level switches, pumps, capacitance, electrical components.

            Double barrel of washing machine:, dehydration machine, washing timer timer, buzzer, reducer components, capacitor, shaft and shell assembly, into the drainage selection switch.

       [4] is one of the following circumstances, even during the warranty period, also cannot provide warranty service, but the charging can repair:

           ①the product's warranty card or purchase invoice drawn have altered false problems such as;

           ②the product failure is due to abnormal voltage and natural disaster happened change caused by force majeure, such as;

           ③product occurs fault is caused by the user is not carried out in accordance with the product manual operation;

           ④product fault happened is due to causes such as user modified products;

           ⑤the product of the failure is due to the user in normal use environment caused by the use of the product;

           ⑥product failure is happened due to not decided that serves store open to product liability;

           ⑦All landowners product failure is due to natural disasters, accidental factors such as animal bite damage;

           ⑧Price sales of substandard goods, etc. (but the main components are still enjoy the warranty service)