Design Team


      Product design and development to implement their own development, flexible and efficient, while relying goldfish Group Technical Center, now has more than 450 engineers and technicians. Group Technology Center was approved in 1999, Zhejiang Province, the first provincial-level technology center.

      While actively promoting technical cooperation elite famous enterprises: cooperation and product innovation design engineering center famous universities, Zhejiang University, the formation of a strategic innovation and R & D platform to develop industry-leading level of conceptualization, modular, intelligent integrated system products.

     Since April 1979, Zhejiang Province, the first born in the history of the development of industrial washing machine, washing machine after 35 years of development and production of ups and downs, the company size from small to large,  the washing machines has been changed from a single bucket to a double barrel then to the automatic, has forming each 2 to 9 kilograms of high-capacity segment, dozens of mid-range models. Goldfish consistent with management rigor, technically advanced technology Panasonic has added, to achieve the perfect combination of both, in the continuous development of the original "Goldfish" brand, the formation of the existing "Jinsong" brand.