The restructuring was established in early 2001, Hangzhou Goldfish Home Appliances Co., Ltd., located in the scenic West Lake, the Department of China's top 500 manufacturing companies - Hangzhou Goldfish Electric Holdings Ltd. invested and controlled by professional commitment to research and development of household appliances manufacturers.

    The company mainly produces automatic washing machine, double-tub washing machine, dryer. The company's washing machine production capacity of 50 million units. While the group of customers supporting the production (processing) stainless steel washing machine dehydration barrel washing, washing machine tank shell, fully automatic washing machine clutch, and other products.

    The company equipment: washing machine assembly lines have 2, a clutch assembly line, unwinding roll sheet, cut off lines have 2, cabinet spraying a production line, a large pressure processing equipment 8; metal cutting equipment more than 20 Taiwan; welding equipment several. Imported from Italy two sets of 1200 tons of large hydraulic machine, can meet some of the large high-precision metal parts processing requirements. Injection capacity, that thousands of grams injection molding machine three, can process large plastic parts. Other parts of the production capacity of the washing machine washing machine washing tank plate and stainless steel dewatering barrels fully meet their production requirements, and provides a large part of Hangzhou Matsushita Home Appliances Co., Ltd., is the largest Panasonic washing machine parts suppliers.

    It undertook excellent social responsibility, and is the one of clean production, environmental protection business model. The company building industrial wastewater daily processing 120 tons of sewage treatment station, to set up a fully enclosed dust trap, ensure that the dust and industrial wastewater discharge standards. Meanwhile, in order to save water and fire safety, but also the construction of 800 cubic meters back to the pool. All this effectively ensure the company's need of clean and green production, and achieved good social benefits.